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VDK Canine Training Center

World Class Facilities - Jasper, Georgia

Situated on 12 acres in beautiful North Georgia, VDK features over 26,000 square feet of canine housing, care, reproduction,  training, conditioning, handler education, and cooperate offices. 


VDK CTC has been meticulously thought out and designed to created unique environmental situations that expose, train, and test our single purpose and multipurpose canines. 

VDK is committed in providing canines the most diverse and comprehensive training facilities possible. Producing the best possible canines also requires facilities that allow us to work the dogs in various environments designed to evolve the canines tolerance of various stressors encountered throughout the working life of the dog. Stressors that include noise, people, slick surfaces, high surfaces, wobbly surfaces, various lighting and much more. 

VDK purpose built and designed facilities are a culmination of over two decades of combined canine experience. 


70 Indoor/Outdoor Kennel runs with state-of-the-art drainage system for the utmost in canine sanitation


Onsite dedicated medical facility providing canine care


Dedicated climate controlled reproduction wing featuring two whelping and puppy development areas.


Carefully crafted training environments to educate and develop the finest canines


Dedicated conditioning areas featuring canine treadmills and grips bags


Onsite classrooms affording clear learning environments for both academy students and seminars


Climate controlled office with a welcoming entrance for guests

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Our facilities host over 26,000 square feet and a state of the art kennel system, expansive training space to include purpose built training rooms, a veterinary medical wing, breeding and whelping facility, canine conditioning, dedicated vehicle lots, corporate offices, and of course access to local businesses for realistic deployment scenarios.

Our kennel systems includes 70 runs with both indoor and outdoor access for canines, a cutting-edge drainage system for the utmost in kennel sanitation, canine care rooms including bathing stations, onsite veterinary suite that can deal with routine to intermediate canine care, designated canine conditioning areas that feature purpose built treadmills and grips bags, ensuring our canines exceed all industry standards for canine care, health and endurance.

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Canine Wellness Center

The VDK kennel facility features a Canine Wellness Center that can handle routine to intermediate canine care. Our wellness center also features top of the line bathing stations, along with multiple purpose built treadmills of canine conditioning. 

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VDK routinely conducts training away from the main Canine Training Center campus. These off-site facilities include airports, warehouses, large retail stores, impound lots, public transit areas, and high pedestrian venues. Conducting training offsite helps to eliminate canine response to potentially distracting stimulus - in turn creating an intensely mission focused and task oriented canine. 


Our Companies

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