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Canines play an integral role in providing the most comprehensive security possible. Detection teams have the ability to  operate covertly behind the scenes and prior to your event starting. If a more visual and psychological deterrent is necessary, canines can operate in the forefront, throughout the entire event. This provides canines and handlers that ability to actively screen for potential threats, while providing a strong psychological deterrent to any would be criminal or terrorist. 

VDK canines can quickly mobilize, providing specialized response to any unattended packages or other potential threats. Canine detection teams continue to  be the most effective way to secure active and complex environments.

K9 Detection Teams


VDK canines specialize in target odor detection. Throughout history Explosive Detection Dogs have proven to be the most effective countermeasure and psychological deterrent against criminals and terror threats. These forward operating biosensors have the ability to quickly mobilize and operate in a wide variety of venues. 



VDK offers highly skilled canines with the ability to detect an array of illegal narcotics. This services is completely confidential, allowing you the ability to handle the situation how you see appropriate. 



Comprehensive security protocol should include canines with the ability to detect hidden firearms. VDK Explosives Detection Dogs are trained to detect hidden firearms. This added layer of firearm detection will help ensure event safety. 


VDK is committed to providing high caliber canines that will work in the demanding operating environments that your firm requires. Canines that posses the operational capability to thrive in active, dynamic and distracting environments. 

VDK is committed to the highest caliber and most modern training approach. All of our canines go through an extensive imprinting and training process. All canines have "passive alerts" minimizing any potential damage that was commonly associated with "active alert" canines. 

VDK is committed to the team concept. Each canine has just ONE handler. This allows the utmost in operational success.

VDK is committed to maintenance training - providing you with an unparalleled level of confidence. 

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