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Our Breeds


We have several breeds available. The following are the most common breeds we have on hand. Other breeds maybe available at different times or per request.


VDK sources only the most confident and driven genetic platforms to build the most capable and reliable canines. Most of our competitor’s source dogs that are only presented to them; or from a limited supply of large vendors/subcontractors. While we are in accordance with sourcing national and internationally, we believe a solid supply of canines is built on the backs of many, rather than a few. Our current sourcing model is one built of solid trust worthy relationships with many small and private breeders both nationally and internationally. If a problem should arise with a certain genetic pool or breeder, we are only out a relatively small number of dogs, rather than a large number of dogs. While working with many small breeders and kennel facilities, we are sourcing dogs from different genetic pools. This allows for a more reliable and sustainable product.


When purchasing canines we firmly believe the best dogs are the ones with the best initial genetic package. While dogs can be trained through certain environmental or social stressors, ultimately the dog will fail if it is not genetically confident. Physiological, Psychological and Sociological are all genetic behavioral traits we test when looking at canines.

  • Internally Motivated – never quit attitude

  • Intense Hunt – won’t stop searching

  • Possessive – wants and needs their reward

  • Resilient – mental fortitude for life's challenges

  • Bold – confident and courageous

  • Social – appropriate in public

  • Stable –  go anywhere; on anything attitude

  • Confident –  self-assured

  • Biddable –  easy to train and takes direction

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Green Dogs


The term "Green Dog" has been around for decades. Due to the vast time frame, the definition for Green Dog is broad, with the modern connotation being closer to a finished dog. 

Here at VDK, the definition of a Green Dog parallels what is expected of our dogs at the Federal level. 

Single Purpose Detection Green Dog  

This canine is ready for imprinting your final target odor spectrum. Canines come with extensive social and environmental exposure, ready for a forward operating base abroad or a domestic transportation center. Canines will understand free searching and detailed searching for rooms, schools, motor vehicles, luggage, ULDs, and more. Classic field hunt (on and off leash), search duration, toy possession, all ready for your evaluation.


Dual Purpose Patrol/Detection Green Dog  


This canine is ready for imprinting your final target odor spectrum and for your patrol academy. Canines come with extensive social and environmental exposure, giving you and your canine partner the operational capability to thrive in active, dynamic, and distracting environments. Canines will understand free searching and detailed searching for rooms, schools, motor vehicles, luggage and more. Canines will have proper targeting for apprehension work, including inner arm, triceps, legs; not just limited to basic forearm. 

Finished Dogs


Single Purpose Detection 

Ready to work. Whether you need a Narcotics Detection Canine (NDC) or an Explosives Detection Canine (EDC) trust in VDK to deliver you a turn key detection dog. All canines will have the utmost in genetic confidence and stability; paired with the most modern training and exposure possible. 

Dual Purpose Patrol and Detection

Ready for the street. The utmost in genetic ability paired with the most modern training approach. Your next patrol dog will be motivated, social, bold, stable, confident, biddable and intense. Let team VDK help protect the community you serve with one of our Dual Purpose Patrol Canines. 

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