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VDK is a comprehensive canine solutions provider for local, state and federal law enforcement agencies; including United States Department of Defense. We provide canines, both green and finished, that serve as our nations defenders both domestically and abroad. Our canines consistently meet the highest levels of performance standards socially, environmentally, and operationally. ​

VDK provides professional handler education that is innovative and comprehensive. Our education courses will empower your handlers with the knowledge to deploy their canine and most importantly maintain high training standards on their canine. VDK handler courses will get you and your canine operational and ready for street or deployment. 

FEDERAL SAM - 052137443


DUNS - 052137443

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VDK is committed in providing high performance canines that will work in the demanding operating environments associated with national security and governmental needs. Canines with the operational capability to thrive in active, dynamic, and distracting environments; protecting the nation’s citizens, borders, and transportation system.








Nicholas King

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President – Direct of Operations, Chief Financial Officer, Training and Canine Development, OCONUS Canine Procurement


Michelle Rivera

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Vice President - Breeding, Marketing and Strategy, CONUS K9 Procurement




VDK is committed in providing canines the most diverse and comprehensive training facilities possible. Producing the best possible canines also requires facilities that allow us to work the dogs in various environments designed to evolve the canines tolerance of various stressors encountered throughout the working life of the dog. Stressors that include noise, people, slick surfaces, high surfaces, wobbly surfaces, various lighting and much more. 

Office and Training Facility – This facility features climate controlled office and classroom where day to day operations happen; along with our DoD/LE handler courses. The training side of this facility is set up with intense audio and visual systems that play an array of environmental sounds and stimulus that a canine would experience in the field. This facility also has number of simulated training rooms, within the main building. Training areas include items for both detection and apprehension work. This facility also contains multiple environmental obstacles designed to build the best canine possible. 

Our office and training facility is 6500 square feet along with an 80 meter by 40 meter outdoor training field.

In addition to this, our main campus is situated on 12 beautiful north Georgia acres. 

Kennel Complex - VDK is constructing a new 20,000 sq/ft, state of the art kennel complex. This facility will feature 70 indoor/outdoor dog runs, veterinary room, quarantine wing, canine cardio room, and breeding facility. Our design for this facility is a culmination of over a decade of canine experience. 

Airport Access - VDK is situated minutes from Jasper County Airport (KJZP). JZP provides a realistic training venue for all canines within our program. In addition This allows private and federal clientele the ability to fly in for canine procurement. 

Tow Yard - Diversification is key in canine training. 24/7 access to a large tow yard within 10 minutes of our Main Campus and within 10 minutes of our Auxiliary Training Site. 

Mobility - Canine transportation is key. VDK utilizes an all aluminum, insulated and air conditioned, Mountain Top Custom Kennel dog trailer and dog box. This affords VDK the ability to deliver up to 25 quality canines, where you need and when you need. 

Medical Facility - Our new, highly anticipated kennel facility will feature a designated veterinary room. This space will serve multiple roles, including canine care and medical evaluations. 

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