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Nicholas King

President – Direct of Operations, Chief Financial Officer, Training and Canine Development, OCONUS Canine Procurement

Nicholas King is the Director of Operations and founder of Von Der King Kennels and Training – VDK. Nick oversees day to day operations to include - Training and Canine Development, Public Relations, OCONUS K9 Procurement, and VDK Detection Program.

Nick has been training dogs since 2005 handling a Narcotics Detection K9 and two Explosives Detection K9s. VDK was originally located in Michigan where Nick ran an extremely successful training group consisting of teams from Ann Arbor Police Department, Eastern Michigan University Police, Milan Police Department, City of Flint Police Department and more. Under Nick's leadership, clientele of VDK has expanded to include TSA, CBP, DoD, ATF, along with numerous law enforcement agencies, and multimillion-dollar private security firms.

Nick is also the club training director for a dog sport called French Ring. Under his guidance and decoy work, multiple dogs within the club are competing at the highest levels; with multiple Regional and Championship events, International Competition, and numerous dogs to compete internationally with the “Team USA” designation. French Ring is notable for its complexity of bite targeting and control during aggression. Nick is an active competitor in French Ring, handling and titling 5 dogs within the sport – two of which are French Ring 3 competitors.

Nick thrives on the challenges of the canine world; growing VDK into an industry leader of strong social working dogs and cutting-edge canine/handler education. Nick's greatest strengths include his unwavering forward vision, unequivocal drive and passion, strong attention to detail, compassionate leadership, and the ability to connect and communicate with a wide variety of people.

Nick is an active Law Enforcement Officer in the State of Georgia.

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