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Michelle Rivera

Vice President - Breeding Program, Marketing and Strategy, CONUS K9 Procurement

Michelle has a wide range of skillsets and abilities which has propelled her the top of VDK. Michelle is responsible for the production and selection of VDK bred of dogs going to federal and local law enforcement, private security, and high-level sport. Michelle also overseas VDK Marketing and Strategy, as well as CONUS K9 Procurement.


Michelle has been with VDK since 2011 training and handling dogs for various disciplines. She currently handles an Explosives Detection K9 named Abra. Breeder Handler Owner Trained Abra is also her current competition dog achieving multiple Excellent scores at French Ring 3, and is a regional, national, and international competitor. Michelle has handled two other French Ring dogs, Loki (French Ring 2 competitor) and Moxie - French Ring 3.

Michelle’s passions for dogs has been unequivocally strong since early childhood. Her naturally ability to recognize canine behavior and build complex skillsets has propelled her to top. Michelle’s artistic and creative side provides her clear vision and second to none work for VDK Marketing and Strategy. Perhaps one of Michelle’s greatest strengths is her ability and natural talent for breeding some of our nationals best canines.

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